These general terms of business apply to Stefan Rudigier e.U., Angerweg 6a, 5630 Bad Hofgastein, hereinafter called Rudigier Reisen, and govern the conveyance of guests in any manner, and also automobile rental and all other offered services.

1. Conveyance of persons


An application for conveyance of persons shall only be valid after your acceptance of these general terms of business (AGB) and upon written confirmation (email, FAX, letter) by Rudigier Reisen. Any oral agreements involving the issuance of contracts and any contractual changes -- without written approval/confirmation by Rudigier Reisen -- shall be invalid. As a part of the LowCost Airport Shuttle service (group transfer), bookings must be confirmed at least 24 hours before arrival or departure; any more urgent bookings shall only be binding upon consent of Rudigier Reisen. As a part of the LowCost Airport Shuttle service (group transfer), a minimum group size of two persons is required, and/or at the minimum price and tariff indicated on the websites ( / A guest’s booking inquiry shall be binding upon Rudigier Reisen only after our acceptance of such booking request (= written booking confirmation).


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the following terms shall apply:

- Payment of the entire charges in CASH to the driver

A valid credit card number is required for any binding, online booking request. After confirmation of your booking, the probable, agreed transportation price will be RESERVED against the provided credit card. The reserved amount will be cancelled after payment of the entire transportation price in CASH before the 1st trip (outbound) to our driver. NOTE -- Cancellation of the reserved amount will be handled by your credit card company after our release -- this may take up to four weeks.

- Payment of the entire amount by CREDIT CARD

After confirmation of your booking, the entire agreed transportation price will be charged to your credit card.

- Payment of the entire amount by PRIOR BANK TRANSFER (invoice)

After confirmation of your booking, you transfer the transportation price within five days to our bank account and also provide the booking number. Banking information and booking number are provided on your booking confirmation. NOTE: Payment by bank transfer is only allowed seven days in advance of the 1st trip.

- Payment of the entire amount by BANK TRANSFER after provision of service

This payment method may only be used by our Premium Partners / Partners & Agents -- with loyalty customer number -- and only after written confirmation by Rudigier Reisen.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment for all invoices shall be within seven days of the date of service or within seven days of receipt of our invoice. Rebates and discounts shall only be granted to Premium Partners / Agents when a debit authorization has been provided to us for immediate deduction upon presentation of invoice. Any agreed rebates shall only be granted by issuance of a voucher and only after timely payment of the total invoiced amount. In the event of payment arrears, a charge of € 30.00 per reminder notice, plus arrears interest in the amount of 9.5% per annum will be added to the amount outstanding. All additional expenses related to collection of debts will likewise be invoiced to the debtor.The county court of St. Johann i.Pg. and the state court of Salzburg are agreed as the courts of jurisdiction. The contract language is German.

c. TRANSPORTATION - Modalities DEPARTURE Low Cost Airport Shuttle

The guest will be picked up directly and precisely at the address (hotel) of the guest stated in the booking confirmation. Guest shall await our transfer vehicle 10 minutes before the departure time stated in the booking confirmation and shall keep luggage ready for loading. The guest shall be solely responsible that the driver loads the correct luggage items.
When using the LowCost Airport Shuttle transfer mode (group transfer) usually stops will be at two to three hotels/addresses, such that there may then be a brief delay in departure times. If the transfer vehicle has not arrived by 15 minutes after your specified pick-up time, then please phone the Rudigier Reisen office immediately at +43-6432-6622.
If the guest has not appeared at the latest by the specified transfer time, then we shall assume that the guest is a NO SHOW.
Under consideration of other guests, the transfer vehicle will depart and a cancellation fee of 100% will be charged and no refund shall be provided for any services already provided. At our own discretion we may make a replacement vehicle available (private transfer) for a fee.

Calculation of pick-up time for departure transfers to the airports/rail stations: To calculate your pick-up time we will need your aircraft or rail departure time. Based on your provided information, you will receive the calculated pick-up time together with your booking confirmation. Our planning takes account of normal traffic volumes and the common traffic delays on heavy volume days. Our planning timing is generous in order to avoid complications.
If the guest accepts our calculated and recommended pick-up time, then responsibility for a punctual arrival at the scheduled time at the transportation station shall remain with Rudigier Reisen. However, in spite of our careful planning if there should be any delay resulting from unforeseeable, extreme weather or traffic conditions, exceptionally large traffic jams, traffic accidents, road closures, flooding, avalanches or similar events of force majeure, and if our customers thus miss a flight or train or other schedule, then Rudigier Reisen shall be exempted from any and all liability. The pick-up time recommended by Rudigier Reisen can be changed at any time upon request of the guest, but if the change results in a reduction in the available transfer time, then our liability shall be excluded, as described above. Responsibility for a timely arrival at the following schedule or transportation provider shall then remain exclusively with the guest. At the end of every trip conducted within the scope of our personal transportation services, the guest shall make certain that all personal valuables, cell phones, laptop computer, luggage items and such are removed from the vehicle and taken along. Nonetheless, Rudigier Reisen shall endeavor to secure and guard any forgotten items so that they can be fetched from our company offices. The guest shall be responsible for any incurred expenses for storage, notification and shipping etc. to the guest. However, Rudigier Reisen cannot assume any responsibility in this regard.


Cancellation fees after booking

  • Cancellation up to 10 days before the 1st transfer 30%
  • from 1 to 9 days before the first transfer 50%
  • from 24 hours before the first transfer 85%
  • No Show 100%

All percentage data pertains to the total transfer price.

You may minimize your financial risk by using our Cancellation Protection Policy. When booking your travel on our website, you may also subscribe to our Cancellation Protection Policy for only 5.00 euros per person. In this case, a cancellation fee of 50% of the total transfer price will be charged only for a No Show. For all other cancellations, NO cancellation fees will be charged and all payments already made shall be refunded in full.

NOTE - The Cancellation Protection Policy shall apply exclusively for services booked with Rudigier Reisen. If the transfer is significantly impeded or rendered impossible for reasons beyond our control (avalanches, flood, weather ...) then the transfer can be cancelled by Rudigier Reisen. In this case the transfer costs shall be refunded to the guest. The guest shall not be entitled to any other claims for damages. If arrival flights are delayed, then when booking the LowCost Airport-Shuttle the guest may switch to the following transfer shuttle on a space-available basis. But no guarantee of available space can be provided in such a case. If the Economy, Business, First and Luxury Class Transfer is selected, then the transfer driver shall wait until the customer appears. In such a case, the driver will wait for one hour after the scheduled landing at no cost. After one hour, an hourly rate will be charged at the rate allowed for the particular, booked category of service. All customers are required to notify Rudigier Reisen immediately of any pending delay when such information becomes available. Any costs incurred for waiting times shall be paid by the customer to our driver. Upon request, these costs can be enumerated separately on the invoice so they can be passed along to a third party.

Booking inquiries, changes or additions to the ordered services, including cancellations submitted within 24 hours before the 1st transfer, are deemed to be Last-Minute inquiries which Rudigier Reisen is not obligated to accept. We shall endeavor to handle even last-minute booking requests by our guests as quickly as possible. Last-minute changes to already confirmed bookings may be transmitted to us during office hours (07:00 - 19:00) by phone at +43 6432 6622 and by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Last-minute booking requests may also be directed to us during office hours by phone at +43 6432 6622.

2. Car rental


The customer is obligated to handle the vehicle with care. Customer shall follow all regulations relating to the use of a rental vehicle (in particular the motor vehicle laws and highway traffic regulations) and shall regularly check during the rental period that the vehicle is in a proper operating condition for use under highway conditions. Before beginning to operate the vehicle the renter shall become familiar with the operating handbook located in the vehicle regarding its proper operation, and shall also observe the relevant recommendations and guidelines (in particular regular checking of the proper level of engine oil, coolant and other operating fluids). Upon acceptance of the vehicle, any already present damage to the vehicle which is not already noted on the rental agreement shall be reported by the renter to the lessor immediately, that is, before beginning driving. If the renter does not report such damage immediately, then the damages will be deemed to have been caused by the renter.


If repairs are required to the mileage meter or any other repair to maintain operation or to ensure road safety of the vehicle, or if any prescribed inspection falls due during the rental period, then the renter may have a contractual workshop for the particular car model handle such service or repair in an estimated repair cost of up to 100 euros. In addition, in the event of damage to the vehicle, the renter must obtain the consent of Rudigier Reisen before any contractual repairs may begin.


The vehicle will be provided to the renter with the amount of fuel as noted on the rental agreement. And conversely, at the end of the rental period the renter shall return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel. If the vehicle is not returned with a full fuel tank, then a fuel charge of € 2.00 per liter will be charged. Only the fuel type stated in the vehicle operating handbook may be placed into the fuel tank. Renter shall be liable to the lessor for damages caused by any improper fuel use.


Reservation of a vehicle shall only be valid after your acceptance of these general terms of business (AGB) and upon written confirmation (email, FAX, letter) by Rudigier Reisen.


To obtain a rental vehicle the renter must present a valid domestic driving license, at least one credit card accepted by Rudigier Reisen (MasterCard, VISA) and a personal ID or passport.


The vehicle may only be driven by the renter or by one additional person as stated in the rental agreement. The renter shall be liable for the acts of persons with whom the renter has left the vehicle -- with or without the consent of Rudigier Reisen -- as well as for the renter’s own acts. Any limitation on liability within the meaning of the following provisions shall not be in effect if the renter (or a person designated by renter) leaves the vehicle with a third party, without such third party being specifically named in advance to Rudigier Reisen in accordance with the provisions above.


The vehicle may only be used on the public roadway, but not for driver training. Furthermore, the vehicle may not be used for purposes of motor sports, for vehicle tests or driver safety training, for commercial conveyance of persons, for subleasing or sub-rental for the conveyance of easily inflammable, toxic or other hazardous substances or for driving off paved roadways.


The renter is not permitted to travel with the vehicle into countries outside of the European Union.


The basic rental price shall be the rate applicable at Rudigier Reisen as per the price list(s), unless a separate rental rate is established. The rental price does not include costs for fuel, service fees and delivery and pick-up costs.


The rental price plus all additional costs such as vehicle delivery, ski rack, child seat ... is due at the beginning of the rental period. The renter is required to provide a security (deposit) before beginning of the rental period in order to ensure performance of renter’s obligations; the deposit shall be in the amount specified by Rudigier Reisen. Unless otherwise agreed, the rent, all other agreed fees and any demands for compensation of damages by Rudigier Reisen arising from the rental relationship (including deductibles) and the security deposit shall be handled by means of the renter’s credit card. The renter shall ensure that a charge to the renter’s credit card is always possible (charges not to exceed allowable credit limit). If this is not the case, then the renter shall be liable to Rudigier Reisen for all resulting, additional expenses (esp. arrears interest, re-booking fees, etc.).


The rented vehicle has a policy of liability insurance in the minimum amount applicable under the standard insurance terms in Austria. This insurance policy is limited to the geographic area of Europe. If Rudigier Reisen is sued by a third party for damages caused by the renter or by persons to whom the renter has left the vehicle, where such suit for damages exceeds the standard insurance coverage, then the renter shall indemnify and hold Rudigier Reisen harmless in this regard. The insurance coverage does not apply to any use of the vehicle for the transporting of hazardous materials.


You are responsible for repair expenses for damages you have caused, or for any required cleaning of vehicles, which enable payments to the driver or to Rudigier Reisen.


The renter shall notify the police immediately after an accident, theft, fire, damage by wildlife or other comparable damage. This also applies even to minor damage and for accidents not involving a third party. If the police refuse to take an accident report, the renter shall so notify Rudigier Reisen in a suitable format. Where possible, the renter shall cooperate in establishing the circumstances and shall refrain from any acts which impede or prevent this finding of facts. However, the renter shall refrain from making any statement of culpability to a third party without prior consultation with Rudigier Reisen. In the event of damages, the renter is required to notify Rudigier Reisen in writing immediately, but by no later than two days after the incident, regarding all details, using the accident reporting form located with the vehicle registration papers. All relevant items shall be filled out completely and all known, potential witnesses shall be named. Damages caused by intentional or gross negligence regarding the above responsibilities (obligations as per § 6 Insurance Law) shall void the insurance coverage or result in loss of any agreed limits on renter’s liability, provided such damages involve an accident, the scope of insurance coverage and/or the scope of the renter’s liability for compensation of damages viz Rudigier Reisen, or when such damages were caused intentionally with the object of influencing these factors or of impeding the discovery of such circumstances.

m. LIABILITY of Rudigier Reisen

Rudigier Reisen shall not be liable for items or possessions that the renter places into the vehicle and which are subsequently stolen, damaged or abandoned upon return of the vehicle.


Unless specifically agreed otherwise in a particular case, the renter shall be liable with respect to Rudigier Reisen for all damages to the vehicle and its features and/or for the loss (theft etc.) of the vehicle (and its features), provided such damage or loss has occurred between the time that the vehicle is taken over by the renter and the time with the vehicle is returned by the renter. This liability is not limited to any personal fault of the renter as regards the occurred damages. In particular, the renter shall return the vehicle in the same, defect-free condition in which the renter took over the vehicle.


The renter can limit the liability for damages due to accidents to a deductible amount by purchasing comprehensive insurance coverage offered by Rudigier Reisen as indicated on the price list stated in the rental contract. In this case, the renter shall only be liable for damages due to traffic accidents when the renter or persons to whom the renter has left the vehicle has/have caused the damaged due to gross negligence or willful intent; if the vehicle has been driven at the time of the damage by an unauthorized person (the vehicle had been left in the control of a person) who had not been named to Rudigier Reisen as a driver in the contract terms. The driver of the vehicle at the time of the accident was not in possession of a valid driving license or if the driver’s ability to control the vehicle had been impaired by alcohol, drugs or for comparable reasons; The vehicle at the time of the damage was being used contrary to the provisions of this rental contract; - the renter or the driver to whom the renter left the vehicle has fled from an accident, and also justifiable interests of Rudigier Reisen in the facts of the accident were generally infringed, unless the infringement of interests was not due to intent or gross negligence. The damages were not caused during the agreed rental time period (that is, in particular in case of late return of the vehicle)- The damages occurred during an unauthorized trip to a foreign country. (item h of these terms and conditions) A limitation on liability within the meaning of the above terms and conditions shall not apply to damages caused by operating errors, use of improper fuel, slippage of cargo, braking maneuvers, improper handling of snow chains or luggage racks, improper loading, driving off paved roads, non-closure of sunroof/windows in rain and wind, failure to notice the maximum height and width of the vehicle (when entering driveways, bridges, tunnels or similar features) and for improper securing of the vehicle (unlocked vehicle, leaving key in door) and similar factors. Limited liability also does not apply to damages to or contamination of the vehicle interior caused by renter and by renter’s passengers (such as burn holes in seats, or such), provided such damages are not the result of accidents, to damaged tires and also to the costs involved in obtaining replacements for lost keys or vehicle documents. Any agreed limitation on liability can in no case be construed as a liability on the part of Rudigier Reisen for objects placed into the vehicle by renter when such objects are subsequently damaged or stolen. If the vehicle is parked and insufficiently secured by the renter without suitable oversight (unlocked or with the vehicle key left in the vehicle), or if valuables are left in the vehicle in such a manner that they are visible from the outside, then theft and/or break-in and theft shall be deemed as having been caused by gross negligence, such that any agreed limitation on liability shall be voided in this case. The interpretation of any uncertain or ambiguous circumstances regarding this limitation on liability which are not clearly defined in this rental contract or its terms, is governed by the Insurance Contract Law (VersVG), by the particular reference provisions of the Austrian Insurance Association (see for motor vehicle comprehensive insurance (AKKB) and by the judicial precedents referenced therein. If a limitation on liability has been put into effect and if the actual damages are less than the agreed deductible, then only the actual damages shall be charged to the renter. If several cases of damage have occurred during the time when the renter was in possession of the vehicle and which did not originate from a single accident event, then the renter-- in cases of limited liability -- shall be responsible for the agreed deductible per each damage event (but the prior provisions apply accordingly).


The renter bears unlimited liability for any violations of legal regulations committed during the rental period, in particular those relating to traffic and regulatory actions. The renter shall indemnify and hold Rudigier Reisen harmless with regard to all administrative penalties, fees and other costs (in particular any and all reasonable attorney fees),which the authorities file against Rudigier Reisen as owner of the vehicle arising from such violations. In the event of any official application for information in this respect, Rudigier Reisen shall provide the renter’s data to the authorized authorities. As compensation for the administrative expenses of Rudigier Reisen incurred due to the processing of inquiries directed to us from the authorities in determining of administrative and criminal offenses committed during the rental period, Rudigier Reisen shall be entitled to collect from the renter a lump sum administrative fee in the amount of € 20, including tax, for each official inquiry; nonetheless, Rudigier Reisen is at liberty to enforce any damages going beyond said amount.


The renter shall pay toll fees relating to renter’s use of the vehicle on toll roads and shall indemnify and hold Rudigier Reisen harmless in this regard.


This agreement is subject to Austrian law, while excluding its rules on conflict of law. Renter’s obligation to obey local applicable law during any driving in a foreign country shall remain hereby unaffected. There are no oral side-agreements, or any such oral side-agreements shall be rendered void upon signing of this agreement. Any revisions or changes -- including of this clause -- must be in writing.


Court of record: County court A-5600 St. Johann im Pongau. The contract language is German. These General Terms of Business are published on the internet at and a paper copy is available at the offices of Rudigier Reisen, Angerweg 6a, 5630 Bad Hofgastein, Austria.

These General Terms of Business are deemed to have been accepted for any and all types of bookings and for the use of any and all services provided by Rudigier Reisen.

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